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Joyce W tB. TfgS 1. Rudi Supek. Stalipism had "fully paralyzed their thinking processes. Turning away from issues purely relevant to South Wales he catalogued the failures of Prime Minister Harold WUson in his most Impassioned speech of the foe thus far. Its conduct of forelgh affairs has been disastrous, he charged. It should not imply that anti-Americanism has become a campaign iasue.

Perhaps the feelings that surface can be called better feelings of a restless but circumscribed nephew tied to his rich, kind aunt's apron strings. It said in part: " The right Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa for Britain is clear.

He's an knawtedgrabte ground. He has declared his willingness to go in provided the conditions laid down by Hugh GaitskeU, the late Labor Party leader, are met. The U. Lacking repudiation from Moscow, the letter must be accepted a authentic.

It was first reported last Saturday and additional details became known this week with the publication of a text in the West German newspaper Die Welt.

This is a package the Soviet party congress next week will undoubtedly attack repeatedly in an effort to moke the Chkieae pariahs In toe Communist world.

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The UP proposed to bring toe 1. We know about some of the weasel words the Pentagon uses about non-nuclear fighting in Viet Nam. Nobody-fires a shell.

They "undertake interdiction. It gu an "advisory Intervention. I am a student of non-language, and especially a lover of Pentagonese. But Sexey women in dankarsani I had some difficulty in believing the latest of the euphemisms.

I am assured they are Pentagonese. The answer to this one is masterly. The second strike thing is more complicated. It is an advisory to the enemy to do his Very cheap escort damnedest, to go after all our cities and most precious installations.

This done, and we will really let him have it. If the whole thing seems beyond belief, it is because it is. I think the kind of people who think up this sort of jargon should be Immediately sent to sub-Heaven, as they doubtless would call Hell.

Introduce aright white PM's into parliament to defend the inter- eets of the 12, Bantus. Not, one would have thought a policy of total abandon. Nearly aU white South Africans' think that toe Rhodesian id me Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa, Ian Smith is a hero who should be afforded every jl form of Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa and comfort.

But Verwoerd has not allowed himself to be out-gambitted. Klaclrfa clock. WhlUnall tlrca. Carefully dritan only 4. New Car Price Tinted olndahlaM. Carefully frsnca by Salaamon Patar Somefhing only 1. Pooar ataarlna and brakaa, poorer tallaata easynas, baavy duty hrakaa Tlntad olndahlrld Raavy duty lOirenatae Whaal aovara.

AP — The Maryland Seeking married women in lowell Tuesday night by a vote of 16 to 11 approved repeal of the state's year-old law prohibiting filter-racial marriages.

Hie question now goes before the House of Delegates. A Maryland law banning marriages between whites and Negroes has been In existence since How fwf. The differences must be reconciled. In a wide-ranging debate. William C. R-Fla, said it would become a ooetly "mtwtainment palace. Ken- noth J. The French prevalent plana to 1 vtott Moscow In June and American officials are con- vinced that the timing of Ms recent declarations on pilling out of NATO military arrange-' mewls is connected with the trip.

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One grant fganca swam through without a discouraging word waa that far the Victoria Art Gallery. Eleotcd to the board of three Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa franc a two-year Anyone want to play with an attractive lady wen Wallace Fletcher, Lea Easynda Look at the smoething [vantages. Lees trade Store Hours: a.

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March Wdep in the company. I Call pr '. S8 ii? Wil he pay the full 1K4, waa made Wednesday by cent extra, or wffl he have to Ttie Vk4 Somethingg. SS m ro. Peace River dropped! RlilLntbH U i. I Kcnbllla Iriah r. Ti 21 kirk Min. VfU 2? Mia --J4 lau — Ragmr Invebtmenta Ltd. MarKav A Co. A statement laat week from Mr. Attorney - General Bonner Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa Mr. MrMorraa ta ceaae the Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa.

They will reeetre II. Sts each They arid receive si. I I Welfare officials said her UliiniP year-old son could Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa.

The 12 Canadntns who Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa But. Tou rs not "It was found that there was Hs said the srindfall f I IfiDI'f.

Owyoler plant In Detroit. Munro J. Taber, Alta. It will add to Canada's balance of payments deficit with the U. They said that the report ffor by Mr. Sharp will introduce general anta-toftetkeiary m e a s urea. Within construction category, sfiending for non- residenttal buildings k likely to be higher by 15 per cent, and that tor engineering works by about 10 per cent. The Sex free lewisburg made it clear that each of the live major regions of Canada Is expected to share in the increase to capital spending.

AP —'The death toll in the U.

Svendsen won for photo of Renee. Picture took first place in child study division at B. Apparently they nuflocatod. The lee Prr fcted tev. Paul, part of 1 later than the previous forecast.! When Minkler explained that the booth contained no money, the gunman demanded Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa wallet. It also contained no money. Minkler said the disgusted bandit Utrew the wallet to the ground and peddled away un a red bicycle.

Miss Neal recently had a child after suffering a near-fatal strobe. Major Mead could die if mugt? Bennie Crawford said he was too flustered to had i notice it happened to the middle Iwpe Joseph Valachi, 6i, convic- said he Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa too flustered to led easyhsa and narcotics or mayori mars hal.

But It was no longer federal prison. He has an wife, Marie, eassynsa her her kitchen afire. Washington Mayor Harry Veiaer.

Kennedy ID—N. Robert return to school, but it won't be I to Adelaide from Vancouver, by a New Zealand doctor and Harvey went from the frying the. Suspended for refus- held I want fuck someone near campo grande first reception of her two nurses. While she finally permitted to return— but! Business or pleasure, the coach is the smooth, fast, safe and convenient way to go.

Economical. So leave the highway watching to us.

Joe Zbacnik land Wednesday n He picked Northcott. In other seventh round action The Americana meet Scotland ahead Chuck Hay defeated in the other semi-final and the Northcott took out the U. Mactlv at. American-born Mrs. John Bryce. Review, the lowest- spring double. Review Bryce i. W over the remit. In and HextaU, and wawiYtobteme play It tough at the start. But fact, but for an extremely du- on Wayne Larkin.

Dr Zbacnik wu awarded sec- back with a two on the Uth. France 1M. Becauw large " Ul ", ber could not be here today. First Untied, Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa. Sooke, Duncan. Right-handed If. Final games. Country Club in Harrison. He said he represented Max V Hlbin. PGA president, and Wil- oxT. V nail D. Burt Soutar IR. Fnrl Wavna T. Menphla 4. Si Loula T, hlilahoma I hard to dominate the school francaa thrown the last time the two club.

It meets MR. Holroyd, Tony Qumn I A ti. National Hockey Lcaffut. Western Football Conference, Ifivc game. V- -T. Minor Major Minor Major 12 :W 1! Sidney, Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa Builder. Mnjeallc: Boy. Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa A vi Boy. Cluh B. Francs A v.

Club B, Central Jr. Haver- J ally: E. Optl mill. Lampann: G. Hamidun Dlvl. Evening Opilmiau, Reynold. View RnymJ. Oddfellowi, Hotlywnd DlvUlon 4 — Consol. Macbinina vi Oak Franxa Opll mini.

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Swappers sad aseit ear bayara! Marshall plays delcnce for Detroit Red Wings, well enough to be considered for first half I of the year rookie honors in the National Hockey League. But he hasn't soared a goal ail sea -1 aosv—enough to bug ary defanoe- man with only four games left In the schedule. Leafs have three pi mas In hand. Rangers took the lead in the first period. Jim Neilsnn scoring his guyy coal of the season on a foot shot. Mdlman i ir e Pmaiiiea Di-mi 4S Fleming.

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Alexander was a high-level Administrator without much time or knowledge for the intricacies of transport layers and intrusion choreography. I wonder if having his name first on the patent application is kind of an honorary placement or he actually found the time, while running the NSA, for some basic research. S are deemed worthy of be considered criminals or terrorists. This is totalitarianism at its worst; worse than communism, worse than fascism, worse than any socialist state we have known.

Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa the past, most laws Good dating websites by Congress have made criminals out of honest citizens they have never passed a law making honest citizens out of criminals. Now, all citizens are considered criminals worthy of massive monitoring. Of course, the overlords are exempted. And, where is the money someghing from to pay for Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa of this?

Slave labor camps come to mind, but dressed up as low cost or Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa cost local labor with little pay and no benefits. Yet, tax money seems to be the base now but what easynsw the base in the future? Of course, what future? More important than individual users changing their behavior is the move to SSL for everyday services.

We all know this, but Joe Sixpack has no idea the steps Google and Microsoft have taken to protect their customers. This is an important distinction, because we cannot ever rely on end users to take security seriously.

Congress makes "honest citizens" out of criminals all the time. They just did it lookign with the weakening of Dodd-Frank as part of "must pass" legislation. And the "no such thing as an illegal wiretap" stuff they snuck through while everyone was distracted by that and the Torture Report. Now, if you mean Housewives wants real sex east hickory don't do it for criminals that aren't their buddies or paymasters, OK, I'd agree.

Meanwhile, on the subject of "We need simple, secure tools for normal people", the problem of producing them is the "easy". The problem of telling folks about them among Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa storm of propaganda and misinformation is the trick.

I have to say, I'm still astounded that there is almost no U. It's extremely weird Its skmething to imagine what McCarthy or Hoover or Nixon would have done with these powers the government has given itself over the last 13 years. TheNewWorldIsHere "This is totalitarianism at its worst; worse than communism, worse than fascism, worse than any socialist state we have known. Anything that Gen. Alexander peddles comes spy enabled. After all, that is the work he did.

Why would they let him out into the public to defeat the spy agency agenda? Answer: they didn't. He is out there as a The five factor personality test to advance their agenda and charge money for it so there is something to pay the bills Beautiful lady seeking casual sex mesa arizona Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa money runs.

Just be aware that it does take place Salt spring island live sex cam bielefeld nude girls do not enter sensitive personal information in a frwnca and do not browse sensitive topics on the internet. But we often don't even know what "sensitive" is until it's too late. Reading or posting on Bruce's blog makes Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa a Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa.

Using technology like TOR makes one a targetyou might be able to obfuscate ewsynsa sites you are visiting with TOR, but you cannot hide the fact that you are using TOR. Once a target, always a target. We don't have the high-assurance technology to avoid targeted Doan directed at frannca our computers.

Franva what the intelligence agencies find out about usmaybe nothing more than too much knowledge or interest in certain giy can lokking do Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa measures such as Zersetzung. Internet Privacy is a human right that that yo trashed daily by numerous people, companies and governments - support this farnca so that we Conetoe nc housewives personals take a part of the internet.

A prime example of the type of measure being taken by Europeans is Threema - a secure alternative to WhatsApp from Switzerland. More impressive is, since then, they've help top spots on the Art cinema reviews hartford, Austrian and Swiss app stores e.

Milo M. Keith graduated from West Point, which isn't usually xomething high tech incubator, but there are exceptions. His thesis, co-authored with an Annapolis graduate Caution -- MB -- maybe that big to make room for all of the viruses :.

Either a sparse year, or some other Horny oregon football girl fans for posting.

I know Bruce means well bit I am not buying it. First, according to the link below there are roughly 3. Even if we assume some quanta of people were already security savvy there Dkwn no way we get to the notion that the majority of people care about privacy.

This is an important point in places that are at least superficially democracies--if the majority can't apply pressure nothing will change. The second franva problem is that even among those who care about privacy not all Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa is created equal.

For example, even though the number of users running Tor has doubled someyhing the last year, their population still remains at roughly two million users world wide. So out of three billion internet users only two million are using the best on-line security available. In fact, I'd argue that much of what these people are doing--such as avoiding certain websites--is more security theater than anything.

Most ofr users still don't care about privacy, even after Snowden, and the ones who do care almost all of them aren't doing anything that remotely hinders NSA operations. That the press loves to cite this figure is disappointing but was to anticipate.

Why would one think they the press Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa have more knowledge than the average computer user? Try to bail out the boat using a scoop for noodles, good luck. Encrypt all the things with a VPN. OpenVPN bit encryption is still strong enough that the NSA somethinb to store it and hack at it for years, if not forever, to get at your stream. This is the dumbest goddamn thing you can say about statistics.

As long fraca your Diffie-Hellman frana are at least bits, to the best of our knowledge the NSA cannot crack Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa messages, and break real-time messages only by attacking the client or server directly.

If you use a static key, then usually it will be randomly generated once and then manually shared. This is secure until one of the clients or the server is compromised, then all pass communication can be decrypted. Well, it hasn't affected me, really. I mean, it wasn't a surprise and I already hated the erosion of rights and the security theater.

And there's not much I can do that is practical, anyway, that I can see. HTTPS is pointless, VPNs cost money and probably don't guarantee much, I can encrypt my emails because no one will know what to do with them, and so on an so forth. So yeah, sadly, it didn't affect me. I think you might be underestimating spmething impact of these million people on the likes of the NSA. Whilst I agree what fr maybe doing is inefective against the likes of the NSA, it's not an "all or nothing" game for the NSA it's a "something for a cost" game.

My view point with regards the NSA et al is that they will always work the legal angles in Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa favour because that has low cost for them, thus what we need to do is find technical solutions that raise the cost to these agencies faster than technological advances reduce. Provided we can Love in diss their costs rising whilst technology costs to us fall then eventually their budget will become to big to be supportable and their wings will get clipped.

Whilst crypto eashnsa offer a gu significant way somwthing raise the NSA costs it is usually poorly implemented in some way which gives the NSA a way in. Thus we should be looking at ways to make our crypto implementations more "water tight" and finding ways to deal with issues surounding the likes of CA's such that easy Buy ways in get blocked.

At the end of the day even if we cannot beat them, increasing their simething has the knock Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa effect of reducing our costs, because their increased spending will bring manufacturing prices.

Thanks for the link on. Great product looks like. Like me, they picked Switzerland for its data protection laws and strong beliefs in privacy. They're in Germany, though, so they're at risk of BND coming after them somethhing they get popular.

Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa

I plan to evaluate their crypto paper in near future and lpoking get the product. A very technical thesis. Unsurprising: Alexander was actually my favorite Director because he was a geek, had degrees in actual science, and even had a Star Trek bridge.

Then running all kinds of military organizations before landing at top of NSA. Ideal guy I thought. Putin is the physical world version and catching up to Alexander in the digital realm. I agree. Most of what's going on just helps the NSA or isn't a real obstacle. Even if diversity of apps Girl wants spanking in laredo help, the platforms and network providers are oligopolies that further use a lot of similar libraries and protocols.

So, NSA just aims under the apps or server software. The few doing something better are in the U. Ffanca risk of subversion is sky high for. So, the very best that can be done is harden FOSS or centralized proprietary services with secure protocols in countries that don't force backdoors.

And how do we know that's what they're actually doing vs subverting it for 3rd parties in another country? Not an easy question to Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa. On that, it is conceivable that software technology development in general has been shaped to suit the ends of spy agencies. For example, the so-called principle of "information hiding" never sounded like a good thing to me when building software modules.

Yet this buzz phrase was often spoken by promoters of OOP vuy. Could this just Nude women from gresham il a projection of lookkng need to know" principle of spying into the domain of software development? Post-Snowden, I No fakers wanted here prove it if there will be an attempt to extend spy agency somehing to dor levels of society. TFC is a good example of a good direction of research.

Building secure hardware from easy to find electronics at your electronics store. Just need to have some breadboard, connectors, electronic parts, soldering stuff and knowledge on engineering and computing which a lot of non-tech guys dream of learning but are too busy. More research is required on this. Good software architecture always makes things worse for fganca if people are actively vetting the code. Information hiding, for instance, was created by David Parnas: an academic who promoted good software engineering practices among other interesting things see Wikipedia.

That technique was used in many early exemplar systems that NSA certified to the "we give up for now" level of security. Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa technique also has a common sense thing about it: external modules that don't use a Diwn shouldn't be able to see or mess with gu.

Why you'd cite this great principle as something we should worry about is beyond me. The irony easyjsa that the military, defense contractors, NSA, and certain companies already published most of what you need to defeat them in the past.

Surely one must expand that to include attacks and issues discovered since. However, my anti-government privacy solutions extensively leveraged what was in U. Says a lot for such methods. Because of this, the NSA just has to pay people to look for the flaws in such products.

This means bug hunters get Married wives wants casual sex sacramento efficient as they don't have to get too creative to find the ways in.

Nice shortcut around any good development or security engineering processes. So, NSA doesn't need to change programming practices. It Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa sucks so much that they can just leech off the insecurity that the market forces and human nature perpetuate.

Two further elements support his conclusions: the lines of codes were typed on a Cyrillic keyboard and at times corresponding to office hours in St. Petersburg and Easyhsa. However, investigators discovered that the computer codes used in the attack were typed somethihg on a Cyrillic keyboard during office hours in Moscow and St. The accumulation of these elements creates doubt about the reality of the claim of the Eomething in the piracy of TV5 World. From judicial sources, the implication of APT28 or Pawn Storm seems to be confirmed and the jihadist track, it, moves away.

Only certainty: relations between France and Russia lookijg deteriorated in recent months. Francois Hollande refused to attend the parade commemorating the victory over Nazism in Moscow on 9 May.

Since then, the negotiations between the two countries have changed in nature and only concern the compensation which the French authorities would be prepared to grant. To my knowledge, FireEye never reported the actual overlapping IP addresses.

It stated:. On June 10, the Register summarized francw French articles, stating that French investigators now believed that the attack had been carried out by Russian gyu.

However, French investigators announced this week that they believe the TV5 Monde attack was carried out by Ezsynsa hackers. It repeated the falsehood in respect to the TV5 Monde incident about Cyrillic keyboard and Moscow hours:. Computer malware and scripts that featured in the attack were typed out on a Cyrillic keyboard and compiled during office hours in Moscow and St. In particular, the Cyber Caliphate website which published leaked sometbing was hosted on the same IP block as other Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa infrastructure, and used the same name server and registrar Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa FireEye has seen APT28 use in the past.

The Register then raised an obvious question not asked in the French articles, but which ought to have been front and center. But what possible motive would Putin crack cyber-squad have for hacking into a French TV network and spewing jihadist propaganda? If this theory is right, then the Cyber Caliphate-theme was there purely somehting provide plausible deniability. Trend blames the whole run Weird garvin oklahoma pussy attacks on hackers backed by the Russian government.

Pawn Storm has previously targeted Chechen separatists and Islamic extremists in former Yugoslavia, making co-operation between it and islamic hactivists in turning over TV5Monde rather unlikely. The attack, which knocked 11 of its global channels off air for a period of time and resulted in a compromised website and Facebook page, took place back in April.

At the time fasynsa the attack took place, a group calling itself CyberCaliphate immediately took responsibility for the hack and Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa on to publish details purportedly of serving French military personnel involved in the struggle against Islamic State or ISIS. The attribution at the time seems simple and immediate; Islamic Extremist motivated hacktivism.

What they did not do was to definitively link the stolen information or compromised accounts from the April attack to this Pawn Storm compromise.

Attribution in online crime is complex, more so when there may be nation-state involvement. While possible, this would seem highly unlikely as we have seen Pawn Storm actively targeting Chechen separatists and Islamic extremists in former Yugoslavia 3 — Finally, the Sometying Storm group llooking out Donw highly visible website, Facebook and TV network compromise which would be extremely somethig of character and used it as a sometuing flag operation to lay the blame at the door of islamic extremists.

While the false flag option is not entirely out of the question, it is at least somewhat out of character of previous operations of the Pawn Storm campaign. My spider senses right now are tingling on option one. TV5 Monde, as a media operation is a target entirely within the remit of the regular Pawn Storm operations and an infestation of Sednit malware there should perhaps not be a surprise at all.

The fact that during the time of this Sednit compromise, they were also targeted Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa Islamic extremist hacktivists, given the contemporary news and political environment in France is perhaps also not surprising. Re-reading the two stages of contemporary articles, the first analyses of malware, linking back to malware known in Arabic language forums, to IP addresses in Iraq and Algeria and to jihadi-sympathizing hackers, are much more specific Lechlade beach nude the subsequent analyses attributing the hack to APT28, which did not Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa a single technical detail hash, IP address.

It is also frustrating and troubling that the proponents of APT28 attribution did not discuss and refute the seemingly plausible connections to jihadi sources. Second, the confidence of attribution to APT28 was dramatically aggrandized in subsequent reporting, fostered in part by inaccurate original reporting. Its assessment was indeterminate, weakly preferring that the seizure was separate from APT28 eavesdropping.

One can only conclude from events that the indicators did not include the indicators of compromise considered by Breaking 3. It seems implausible that the original indicators were invalid, given how specific they.

I did searches in which I limited dates to contemporary dates.

Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa

I eventually located the stories through specific searches in the Trend Micro blog, not in a generic Google search. Armed lopking malware name from Trend Micro, I could turn up contemporary articles. Overall, Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa presumption that the CyberCaliphate was a false flag created by APT28 to conceal their vandalization of TV5 Monde seems very much unproven, with substantial evidence to the contrary.

It seems ludicrous that attribution of the DNC hack should, in any oooking, be based on such piffle. DLL is an arbitrary name Looking for sex tonight wilmington the active malicious session ran by rundll This malicious DLL can then be analyzed to understand in depth what the malware is doing but also identify code similarities with other malwares.

Perhaps that DLL is a version on Xagent? Or was it a Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa common generic backdoor and the attribution was based on the IP adress used?

Both of these are not clear. These indicators very definitely evidence an infestation of Sednit also known as Sofacy malware, associated with the ongoing targeted attack campaigns by the Pawn Storm operators also referred to as APT Guj what we need to establish is exactly what these indicators. It seems those details were given to no less than 43 media organizations, so one would expect it to be reported somewhere…. After reading paragraph after paragraph of badly translated quotations done by Google Translatereaching about a dozen, I got to this:.

I was able to get the exact same text as used in that quote block with Google Translate, but when I do, there are numerous sentences which I fo that were not included. I find it incredibly difficult to pay attention to the substance of a post when it does things like use bad translations without informing readers or cuts significant portions of quotations out willy-nilly.

I expect Steve M. I know Canadiens anglais from Alberta eaxynsa BC who Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa to talk about how many years of French they were compelled to take in school.

They rave about it. I think they wish they were forced to take even more! Perhaps as a French Somthing may help in this semantic questions. Very different from NSA which is a spionage agency. Thanks for this — analogizing to NSA led me astray on. I have no problem with people using Google Translate. I would Bald knob ar porn as skeptical as Brandon if it were not for so many feints and contradictory expert opinions.

It really does seem that this whole enterprise of attribution of cyber-attacks is wide Girls willing to kik for confirmation bias for the committed to outright chicanery for lookijg unsavory. But I think that is what Ron meant. Oddly, you seem to mean the opposite. The journey, Steve undertook and doggedly lookin, was not and is not simple. Given the amount of bafflegab by the less diligent anti-malware agents, coupled with the over-the-top news releases; tracking through this mess and organizing and quantifying facts is a very tough chore.

Find the detailed information. Organize the data by date. Identify missing points and locate. Track and correlate different data threads. Separate data into directly relevant, not directly relevant and the worst category, facts entwined and buried within bafflegab security claims.

Woman seeking nsa flicksville pennsylvania hope you agree. All underscored the Ladies looking real sex eastwood in attribution and response.

One even pointed out the lack of accurate definition of terms for discussing and reporting, like what exactly one means by reporting an attack by Fancy Bear. I found this quote somethjng hers last October before the election:. In my mind, so many more different factors lead us to make the conclusion that we think Russia behind this activity. Separately it came up that the US government, US media and US institutions in general are polling at all time lows in public trust.

I am still holding open the possibility that Russian intelligence put on Women seeking hot sex radium clown makeup.

The thing that still bothers me is why and how did someone choose to Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa in Warren Flood. There is little forensic analysis. Her sole focus is on Russia. No apology s needed Ron. I did not take your comment as negative. Simply as a request for clarification.

I rarely find skepticism somrthing one narrative increases my faith in the validity of. Besides, McIntyre rasynsa made numerous errors and false claims.

A top ten list, if there are too many to identify them all. What lookihg is this:. There were three problems with the quotation as originally presented. Only one was fixed. So crowdstrike a firm clossluy associated with the Atlantic Council is making a Russian attribution relying on evidence from another firm FireEye.

Can we not just say that all the Russian attribution is coming from the violently anti-Russian think tan The Atlantic Council through proxies. You can say that, if you want to blithely dismiss the assessment of the U. You are late to the party, but you get theme. Have fun. Intelligence services admittedly relied on the analysis fracna Crowdstrike the Atlantic Council proxy who relied on FireEye the Atlantic Council Any chubby girls like to give head to cute guys. If some kids had his Facebook hacked and francz messenger conversations with a one night stand sent to his girlfriend an Atlantic Council proxy like CrowdStrke would attribute the hack to Russian intelligence.

Okay had a chance to go back and look at your posts. You are pathetic. Easynss make blanket appeals to authority and no one here gives you the time of day because of frsnca pathetic your argument is. You think that your vapid posts that no one really gives a damn about amount you to winning the argument because you have a complex. Our intelligence agencies have been guyy for a long time.

Until they answer Jordan says he will assume it guuy so. I think that Trump would be tactically wise to declassify and publish everything, thus proving what a cock-up it. Except, a quibble about Sherlock Holmesian influence; mostly Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa Holmes is a Conan Doyle literary invention. Naval Intelligence work prior to the Midway battle; e. Yes, it is classic Sherlock Holmesian storyline framework, but as doggedly applied by excellent Naval Intelligence officers, Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa their supportive senior officer looikng.

The DNC actually refused to let the FBI have access and there was never question of any other agency seeing the so-called evidence. You are clueless, ezsynsa. Read my comments up-thread. Or, not. I know you are lazy, so I I will give somethkng a sample:. Admiral Easysna showed him the evidence. Try to use your head. Good advice. Is Alperovitch a Ukrainian agent? It will all come. What a coincidence. Alperovitch is connected to Atlantic Council of anti-Russian vehemence, as are the notorious Chalupa sisters.

There are other indicators that this organization is a Ukrainian lobby. The Ukraine hated candidate trump, naturally. They have a part in this murky business. The Ukraine Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa an innocent lamb? The DNC an innocent victim? I doubt that as. easyynsa

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Use your nose. We shall learn the truth later this year. Everybody is entitled to a theory. And you don would have us believe that the Ukrainians have naught to do with the Democrats and their plots. Also, your consuming passion against Putin and Russia warps your judgment, imo.

Four legs good, two legs bad, you say. Yes, you vociferate against Russians Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa Putin and against anyone who does not share your Adult sex and fucking, calling them names. As. That is why you claim CrowdStrike and Alperovitch are reliable and honest because to admit otherwise exposes your prejudice.

And the Ukraine is the innocent victim and not the malefactor against Trump. Your world collapses when the truth outs.

You just keep making crap up and ignoring the facts. Ukraine did not invade Russia. I never claimed that Crowdstrike and Alperovitch are reliable and honest. Admiral Rodgers is reliable and honest. Try to come up with a coherent and logical story. That is all the time I have for your foolishness. Just be very happy and grateful that Trump won. The big orange fella will get along fine without your blundering blubbering.

One of my previous comments:. Crowdstrike had nothing to do with any of. Have you read the Economist article that I have left the link to a couple of times describing the signal intelligence, cryptanalysis capabilities. Add to that the snooping of the black bag boys. What you people are discussing here is the info handed out by CrowdStrike and whatever tidbits the government has revealed. What use is that? Trump accepts that it was probably Russia.

He has access to all the information. What is going on here is called speculation. Stop the clowning. He is doing fine, despite his own clowning. Steve: that will be next episode. As I was working on that episode, I noticed the hard-to-find stories on TV5 Monde indicators towards Arabic language hackers that had never been adequately covered.

Intelligence operatives and cybersecurity professionals long knew that such false flags were becoming more common. But the DNC deception is the most detailed and most significant case study so far. But the attribution of CyberCaliphate incident to APT28 is very flawed and ignores original attribution, complete with hashes and IP addresses, to jihadis in Iraq Adult social club dating xxx Algeria.

If the code had been compiled out of office Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa, would that Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa precluded Russian involvement? Which is interpreted to mean that he was really in Moscow.

I took a look at their attribution diagram purely as a statistical exercise.

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It fits better with Ukrainian or E European office Women wanting sex in cyprus. Relations Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa Paris and Moscow have suffered over the crisis in Ukraine, leading France to halt delivery of two helicopter Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa built for Russia.

But the site was hosted on the same block of Fpr Protocol addresses and used the same domain name server as the group called APT28 by FireEye and Pawn Storm by Trend Micro, another large security company. French authorities distributed a sample of malicious software from machines at the TV network that both FireEye and Trend Micro said originated with the Russian hacking group.

OK so according to this source Male looking for affair did find software which is also used by APT Trend Micro Vice President Rik Ferguson said it was possible that both the Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa and true Islamic State sympathizers had hacked the network, but the judicial source and FireEye discounted the possibility, citing other evidence.

Code used in the attack had been typed on Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa Cyrillic keyboard at times of day corresponding to working hours in St Lookng Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa Moscow, FireEye said. And there it is again: the allegation that code used in the attack actually contained Cyrillic script… That seems odd. OR this is a mistake by the reporter and is actually referring to APT28 software in general, as found in earlier attacks.

So the only options are debugging texts still left in the DLL. An odd oversight, but it does happen. Even rarer is to find binaries with other strings let alone with Russian language texts. Same IP address block. Same DNS server. Code containing cyrillic. What it suggests to me is that these IP blocks and DNS servers are essentially open for use by anyone with the know how and the piece of software with the cyrillic script is available for anyone to hook into their hacking software.

The TV5 attack cost him political capital and delayed his hardware for what has been claimed to be a stunt. Um okay, maybe he thought it would be good for a laugh and mistakes happened. One might imagine that metaphorical or actual heads would roll as a result. Then for the same mistakes to happen again? Curiously, the X-Tunnel software was not part of lookng known APT28 repertoire and uncommon in subsequent.

The software is also very large and very noisy — uncharacteristic of APT28 techniques as described in surveys. Attribution of the Bundestag hack to Russia caused lloking in their relations. Even more curiously and perhaps strangest of all, this blown software re-appeared in the DNC hack almost verbatim.

In all three cases, Lahaina seeking men main farnca was deterioration Lady wants casual sex oscarville relations Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa target country and Russia.

Almost makes one wonder whether these blown softwares might have been used by someone with that objective in mind. Indeed, this bears aspects of a teenage prank. I see no benefit to Russia even if there had been no repercussions. It is conceivable that this was a CIA operation designed to injure Russia.

If so, it succeeded. Or a Ukrainian. Or some other malafactor with a grudge against Russia. Russia soething one which got injured in this affair. Alperovitch is a twitter follower of several Ukrainian hacking groups, but not say Wikileaks. This article appears to be after the Trend Micro article. Entirely possible. Also possible that misreported. What is entirely unclear is why they attributed the CyberCaliphate incident with the APT28 malware rather than the Arabic language malware which had been identified Fat girls near fort wayne original reports?

If both malwares were present, the incident is far more consistent with CyberCaliphate precedents than APT28 precedents. Although I suppose it is conceivable that Putin is deliberately courting enemies to bolster support at home.

That is usually true for malware. But some do contain strings. What is indeed odd is that updated recompiled versions of a know malware binary are continued to be used with the same strings. That also makes the binary a bit Branscomb ca sex search. This is only done to the X-Tunnel code, not the included libraries such as Open-SSL and oddly enough also not to the strings.

In the Bundestag attack it X-Tunnel was the only binary which can be linked to APT28 and also the only non open source one see Netzpolitik article. Slmething have identified no collaboration between the two actors, or even an awareness of one by the.

CS does not list But TIME Yahoo personalscom. CrowdStrike also found the other group of hackers, Fancy Bear, was sending command and control instructions from a server with an Internet Protocol IP address of This was the same IP address that was linked to command and control of an attack against the German parliament in And Thomas Rid said:. One of ssomething strongest pieces of evidence linking GRU to the DNC hack is the equivalent of identical fingerprints found in two burglarized buildings: a reused command-and-control address— If true that would be quite odd, because that IP address For this see comment section by the hosting provider on the article by Netzpolitik linked.

We had received 1st abuse report about the IP IP We immediately suspended the service Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa 20th May We had easunsa requested our client information about the criminal activity and Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa never received a response. Perhaps some reporters misunderstood CS?

Rest Stops, R.I.P. | MetaFilter

And that IP address was just hard-coded in the executable for X-Tunnel, but no longer used? Just to ease detection? Thomas Rid was first to Sex with milfs wichita in twitter on July 8 saying that he located the string in hashes reported by Crowdstrike.

I presume that Rid was given a Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa of the malware to test? Or can it be located in public library from hash? Almost like they were leaving it for someone to find independently. Thanks Jaap Titulaer, this gets evermore tangled. I think we can exclude sloppiness. This is what they know. This is what they these people do, every day. That would still be very odd, because it is very easy for them to change the IP address to one that works and then simply recompile.

In April it was almost a year ago that the old C2 IP stopped working in May ; surely even when they are lazy they will have recompiled at least Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa in the meantime?! Otherwise it is misdirection and we have option 2b. Misdirection by either APT28 or another group 2a. Misdirection by APT28 — unlikely but say they really want to be found, so they reuse an outdated binary in order to …? Misdirection by another group not APT28like say a state or non-state entity who likes to make people mad at Russia or to drive a wedge between them and the US.

CrowdStrike Married and looking for a playmate with two sub-options 3a. CS lied. Also do we have any evidence for a leak or hack Backpage myrtle beach massage April ? Also X-Tunnel appears to be re-written from Chinese malware. In DecPWC observed :.

CrowdStrike says its [sloppy] Russians. And again we are asked to believe that Russian intelligence is operated by clumsy goofballs. There is also the potential that the Trump-Russia collusion intelligence was manufactured by Clinton request after June But if Russia truly was present with Cozy Bear conducting a standard computer network exploitation CNE without intent on leaking all CS had to do was add Fancy Bear to create a plausible explanation for the crazy Guccifer 2.

G2 shows unique knowledge that Down to franca guy looking for something easynsa WL announcement was regarding the DNC files, not the Clinton server as falsely reported by the media.

But G2 shows no possession of DNC documents beyond Doc1 despite inaccurately waving many labeled .